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Writing this tribute is difficult because I’m yet to come to terms with the incredible fact that Sis. Yetade is no more. As I drove her to the University College Hospital (UCH) on the afternoon of December 28th, 2013 I never imagined she would not return home. It was a rude shock when I got a phone call less than two hours after I left UCH that she had passed on. Sis. Yetade was very kind and caring. She never liked seeing anyone suffer. She always extended a helping hand to people around her, especially strangers. She loved to sing. Oh, she had a sonorous voice! A few days to her demise I remember she sang about five songs from the 1965 evergreen movie, “The Sound of Music”. I remember singing along with her: The hills are alive With the sound of music With songs they have sung For a thousand years The hills fill my heart With the sound of music My heart wants to sing Ev’ry song it hears… I can imagine angels singing along with her in Heaven. A day never passed without Sis. Yetade singing one song or the other. She was a great dancer too. She loved praising God and worked for Him in Church. I recently learnt that she gave her life to Christ while still a student at the University of Ibadan where she led many souls to Christ. Some months back, Sis. Yetade organised lavish birthday parties for her two children, Oreofe and Adeoto. Looking back now, it was her way of saying farewell. I remember how she expressed her disappointment when I was late for Adeoto’s party at KokoDome poolside. She was so full of life that day. A few weeks ago, Sis. Yetade sought my opinion on the leading Universities in Nigeria prior to her daughter (Oreofe) filling her UME form. I remember how glad she was when I mentioned three or four schools I thought were of good standards. She had the schools in mind too. We both shared the opinion that Oreofe should not attend the University of Lagos. It is such a pity that she would not witness her children’s Matriculation/Convocation. She made me realise that it was possible to raise kids without spanking them. I used to joke that she never spanked her kids when they erred…all she did was speak “big grammar” to correct them! Sis. Yetade loved a particular Igbo chorus. She sang it regularly. She made me learn and love the song. I sincerely hope that the Choir would honour her on Friday by singing the chorus. I would end this tribute by reproducing the powerful lyrics of the song: Jehovah, Idi Edube(2ce) Nne l’Igwe Ibu Eze Nne luwa Ina Chachi Nna lamo Ibu Dike Na la Jehovah, Idi Ebube… Sleep on, Sis. Yetade…avid reader, devout Christian, music lover, doting mother. We will miss you. Oluwafemi Idowu, Esq.