Missing your laughter, love and courage more everyday

Created by Peyi one year ago
My darling sister Tade, as the days and years go by, memories of you grow sharper still- your laugh, your ever-present compassion for those who suffer, for the poor and the marginalized, your willingness to battle on behalf of those you love, your capacity for a powerful 'take-them-down' argument; I recall our birthdays together, your stories of boarding house at Queen's school, our endless plans for the future, your preaching and love for God, our shared whispered complaints when we got serious spankings aka "abara" for some minor misdemeanor; I think about your fierce love for your children Oreofe and Adeoto- a love that burned even when you were ill- and I miss you still and miss you more. But every day that goes by now also reminds me of the growing company of saints, of loved ones who are waiting to tell us all we have missed while we are on this side of life. Keep dancing, keep laughing, keep rejoicing until we all meet again. I love you, my ever-precious sister. Love, love and more love, from Peyi