Tribute to My Mom by Oreofe

Created by Peyi 7 years ago
Tribute to My Mom – by Oreofe Omolaolu Mom, it feels just like yesterday when we (Adeoto, you and I) were in the sitting room and you were gisting us about your life in secondary school: how granny used to bring cooked food for you and aunty Moremi while you were in the hostel at Queen’s School Ibadan, (even though it was contraband); and how everyone in the school used to look forward to seeing granny wear the latest fashion trends whenever she came visiting. The love and care you showered on Adeoto and me, is immeasurable. You would always put us first and make sure we were happy even if it meant your discomfort. I can never forget your hearty laughter while watching kids TV series with us, (I.Carly, Victorious etc.), and how you would make fun of some of the girls in the hiphop music videos. You were always there for advice, guidance and assistance whenever the need arose. Every time I would ask granny to let me go out with my friends or to sleep over at their place, and she showed hesitation, I would run to my mom for back-up, to help persuade granny into letting me go- and it always worked. Mom, no matter how much I write and write, it can never adequately describe just how much I miss you. You will be forever and ever loved by us. But I know that God has his reasons for everything. I am happy that you are now resting in heaven without having to worry about the cares of this world. I know that you will always be watching over Adeoto and me. Till we meet again, Love you Loads Your daughter, Oreofe Elizabeth Omolaolu