Peyi June 6th, 2019

To God be the glory, for great things he hath done. Sweet indeed, are the memories of those who slept in the Lord for we have assurance that if we continue to walk with God, when the Lord comes for us all, we shall meet in heaven to part no more. Today, as always, we remember Iyetade on her 54th birthday. We are grateful for her time on earth and for the manner in which she impacted all of us. We are most appreciative of our heavenly Father for blessing us with her lovely, amiable and intelligent daughter and son, OreOfe and Adeoto who are both doing well. We thank God for our mum, who became mum again to her grandchildren even in her old age, and took care of them both with total dedication, sparing no energy, effort or resources. Mummy, igba gbogbo ti e ba ti ri, tabi ti e gburo Oreofe ati Adeoto, inu nyin yio ma dun, ayo nyin yio ma kun akunwosile, Amin. We pray for you mum and for all our aunties and uncles, and for our generation, that we shall never weep over our young again. And we rejoice, yes we rejoice, because Iyetade is definitely serenading the hosts of heaven with her angelic voice. Sun re o, Iyetade, abilemi owon. Happy birthday Iyetade. To God be the glory. 🌹🌼🌻🌺 🎀🎁🎉🎈🛍🎊🎏🎂 From your sister Moremi